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he love for radio and music, are two basic components for begin involved in a musical radio show. Let’s name these two components as “cause”…

 Which however is the reason?

 In the case of STARGAZER, the reason is my need to link my voice, to all those that believe that Heavy Metal is beautiful and deserves people to know it better and also of course, that metal music is not “one still musical type” !

 Early 90’s was the worst period for the heavy metal music industry since it’s birth and in combination with the worldwide conspiracy of “Grunge”, turned on the switch for STARGAZER. October 1994 was the beginning of STARGAZER Radio, with the first show going live on air.  After so many years we are still here, we shout it loud! and proud! to show all that metal has so much more to offer!

 Dear friends, I welcome you to the official page of STARGAZER METAL RADIO SHOW !

Nikos Athineos



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